Our management is dedicated to ensure that the safety, health and Environmental aspects are taken to the extreme level and regards the promotion of Health, Safety and Environmental, and Welfare Measures as a mutual objective for Management, Staff and Labours at all levels.

We execute our projects in such a manner to ensure health, safety and welfare of our employees and persons involved in the project operations including those of Clients, Subcontractors and the General Public. Our company policy ensures that none of its procedures, practices or working methods exposes human beings to any safety risk, distress or financial loss.

The company adheres to strict health and safety rules and regulations. Our expertise in advanced technology and managerial techniques, as well as our ability to interact and coordinate with clients and consultants, ensures that we provide efficient and value-driven solutions within the stipulated time frame.

The Company’s continual improvement in all aspects to achieve customer satisfaction and also committed to ensure Green building rules & regulations.


We believe in attaining our organizational goals by boosting our capabilities and leveraging our expertise. Our Human Resource policy focuses on creating a positive and engaging work culture that attracts, retains and develops the finest talents in the industry.


We strive to grow as a reputed and reliable organization backed by a qualified workforce having extensive experience and the highest quality standards. We have earned a distinction from internationally renowned Consultants, Architects and Clients for excellent workmanship, superior quality of material by comply with Project specifications and requirements at competitive price. We follow a systematical and practical approach in fulfilling the same.

Maxpower constantly seeks advancement and innovation to provide our clients with innovative and sustainable MEP services while maintaining the highest professional integrity and quality standards.

We are committed to harnessing our expertise, skills, facilities and experience to provide exceptional services to meet our clients’ diverse and challenging requirements. Our team constantly strive to improve all aspects of MEP works while adhering to the regulatory standards and legislative requirements. 

Maxpower’s management system is integrated with a quality management system and audited against International Standards to ensure greater awareness of quality, optimal customer satisfaction, improved brand valuation, and more consistent operations. Our Management System focuses on the achievement of results in relation to the quality objective to satisfy the needs, expectations and requirements of our clients.

The main features of our Quality Management System are:-

  • <We strive to create a positive and nurturing environment for our people with our inspirational leadership and experienced management where the Quality Management System can operate effectively. 
  • We always looking for opportunities to improve effectiveness and efficiency and prioritising those improvements that can provide optimum results.
  • We follow various self-assessment processes to better understand the organization’s performance and identify the key areas that need improvement.
  • We follow various self-assessment processes to better understand the organization’s performance and identify the key areas that need improvement.
  • We adhere to following systematic documentation as it enables us to attain quality by providing objective proof, traceability, evaluation, and growth.
  • We determine the needs and expectations of the client for each project and establish measures for the effectiveness of each process towards attaining the quality objectives by following a quality plan.