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Electrical Contracting Company

Maxpower is an electrical service provider along with advancements and trends in electrical installation products and market. We provide a full range of electrical services and fire contracting services including system design, Installation, troubleshooting, upgrades, testing and commissioning to a vast selection of businesses like Commercial & residential buildings, villas, etc. Our team excels at designing and installing new electrical units and systems of any level of complexity, as per the DEWA regulations.

As a leading electrical services, we take pride in our workmanship and have delivered services and solutions to many renowned projects across the UAE. Our expertise in providing innovative solutions with prompt, professional service for commercial, residential, industrial and manufacturing structures is exceptional and ensure all electrical equipment is tested and operated as per the safety standards with minimum disruption.

Top – Notch Electrical Service Providers in Dubai

Maxpower has a team of qualified and licensed electrical service providers who can offer top-notch solutions. When it comes to electrical systems, it is essential to ensure every component functions in top-notch condition. Even a minor or major breakdown of electrical systems could result in economic losses and potential hazards. That is why keeping your building’s electrical systems in check is essential.

All our electricians are licensed and experienced in all aspects of electrical services. With a host of experience under our tool belt, we make sure to deliver competitively priced and value-driven service to all our clients in a timely and safe manner. Our team has the right skills and depth of knowledge required to address even the most challenging installation, repairs and service upgrades.

Whether designing the electrical system of your office or troubleshooting the issues in your home, seeking the services of an experienced technician is crucial. Our team also assist you in every stage of the DEWA approval process – from handling the paperwork, tracking your application status, arranging the technical field inspection and coordinating with the DEWA authorities – we ensure the approvals are granted at the earliest.

Benefits of Electrical Services:

  • Safety: Electrical service providers ensure that all electrical systems and components are installed, maintained, and repaired safely and efficiently to prevent accidents or injuries.
  • Efficiency: Professional electrical services help to ensure that electrical systems run efficiently, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills.
  • Cost savings: Regular maintenance of electrical systems can help detect and fix potential issues before they become major problems, saving money in the long run.
  • Compliance: Hiring an experienced electrical service provider helps to ensure that all electrical work meets local and national safety codes and regulations.
  • Increased property value: Properly installed and maintained electrical systems can increase the value of a property.
  • Convenience: A well-designed and properly installed electrical system with advanced features ensures convenience for the residents.
  • Reliability: Accurate and functional installation and maintenance of an electrical system renders reliable and consistent performance, cutting down repairs and minimizing downtime.


Best Electrical Contracting Company in Dubai

If you are looking for a reliable electrical contracting company in Dubai, look no further than Maxpower. Having extensive industry-specific experience and expertise, as a DEWA-approved electrical contracting company, we have built a reputation for providing quality electrical services and are capable of taking on projects at any level of complexity.

The urge to be a competitive electrical contracting company drives us to deliver every project with quality and outstanding performance. Ours is a team of highly qualified and experienced electricians and technicians who can provide a wide range of services and solutions that meet the diverse requirements of commercial, industrial and residential clients. With our responsive and positive attitude, we strive for excellence in our service and take pride in our ability to build and maintain lasting business relationships.

Why Choose Maxpower As Your Electrical Contracting Company?

Hiring the services of our
electrical contracting company could benefit you in the following ways.

Safety and compliance: Handling and maintaining electrical equipment and systems is always risky. Unless you are trained in electrical systems, tackling any electrical problem on your own is dangerous. At Maxpower, we have a team of trained and qualified technicians who can carry out all sorts of electrical installations, repairs and maintenance to the highest quality standards, thus ensuring safety and minimizing risk.

DEWA Approved services: Maxpower has a team of DEWA-approved electrical service providers who can take care of all the paperwork beforehand and ensure everything is in order.  

Diverse Services: Backed with industry expertise and experience, our technicians provide various electrical services for residential, commercial and industrial clients across the UAE. Our service offerings cover everything from designing and installing structured cabling systems, lighting control systems and MATV / SMATV / CCTV systems to testing and fixing electrical faults and authority submission and approvals.

Expert Advice: Designing, installing, repairing and maintaining electrical systems is not only complex but also extremely dangerous. Relying on the expert advice and professional services of a reliable company like Maxpower is the smartest way to avoid costly mistakes and accidents.

Electrical & Low Current System Installation

  • Electrical Lighting and Small Power
  • Intelligent Lighting Control System
  • Bus Riser and under floor Bus Bars
  • Structured Cabling System -Telephone & Data
  • MATV / SMATV / CCTV System
  • Building Management System

Electrical Services (Design, Approval & Built of Electrical Systems)

  • Concept Design and Engineering Solution with Line Diagram
  • Electrical Load Schedule and Shop Drawing Preparation
  • Electrical Authority Submission and Approval
  • Testing and Fixing Electrical Faults
  • Megger Testing and Commissioning